David Clarke 3108316310Hi, my name is David Clarke and I’ve been in the construction industry for most my life. When I was in 2nd grade one of my older brothers got his general contractor’s license and I was mesmerized with all the equipment used. I remember the time I was sitting on his lap while he drove the back hoe to tear up a driveway thinking this was the best thing ever. As I grew older, I’d help him pick up trash or sweep up job sites. Eventually I started working with him on some Saturdays or in the summer. I continued working for him while I was attending college. I learned many parts of the industry from him but what I really took away from that experience was how to be responsible for your actions. If you under bid a job, it wasn’t the fault of the client. If you damaged something while working, you replaced it. You had to fulfill that contract. He really taught me how to be fair and help educate the homeowner on their home.

In 1995, my brother decided that he no longer wanted to be in the construction business. I had finished college but didn’t know what I wanted to do. I really liked working with my hands and seeing the final product. I decided to look for another job in the industry. I found an ad placed by Silva Construction and was hired. After being a carpenter (which entailed pretty much anything that had to do with a house ie: carpentry, tile, plumbing, electrical, framing etc) for a year and a half, I was asked to become a partner. I jumped at the chance and became the Production Manager/Foreman. I would manage guys with more experience and some were more than twice my age.

At times I would be running up to 20 jobs at a time. I would manage budgets, over see the workers/subs, meet with owners, inspectors etc. Eventually we grew and I over saw 2 managers who were doing the same thing as I would do. After 15 years managing jobs, I switched to Sales and have been doing that for the last 5 years. All told I’ve been in the industry professionally for 25 years and 20 of those have been with Silva Construction.

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