Question: I’m having a problem with my floors squeaking. What can I do to eliminate this problem?

Answer: There are a few things you can do or have someone do for you that will handle this problem. I’ll give you the solutions in a two part series.

General Contractor, expert advise, ProfessionalSecond Part: Getting rid of annoying squeaking floor noise presents a problem when the space under the floor is finished and you don’t have access to the joists and subflooring. Sometimes the actual wood floorboards are rubbing together which is causing the noise. This can be addressed by adding a lubricant to the area where the noise is coming from. Lubricants such as powdered soapstone, talcum powder or powdered graphite worked into the seam between the floorboards

Pour the powdered lubricant between the boards, put a cloth over the boards and walk on the floor to work the lubricant into the seams. This helps minimize the wood on wood rubbing between the boards that are causing the squeaking. Then vacuum up the remaining powder.

There is a product on the market you can purchase at Home Depot called “Squeeeeek No More” which eliminates squeaks from the top side of the floor that is squeaking. This works for carpet, wood, vinyl, and linoleum floors. It costs about $20.00 and is pretty simple to use. You’ll have to fill the hole left in wood floors with wood filler.

You can also fix squeaks from above the floor with a hammer and finish nails. For wood floors, locate the squeak, and drive a long finish nail into the floor so that it goes into the floor joist if possible (locate the floor joists with a stud sensor). If the problem is caused by the floor’s separating from the subfloor, drive two nails into the floor at opposite 45-degree angles. Use a nail set to drive the nails below the surface of the floor, and fill the hole with wood filler.

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