jamieBrighten up your home with a new skylight.

Years ago skylights got a bad name because of leaks but not anymore! Technology has come so far, not only are they easy to install but they are leak free.

My favorite skylight is by Velux. It is a solar powered “Fresh Air” skylight. It has a solar panel that uses sunlight to charge a highly efficient battery and control panel.

The best thing about this skylight is the fact that it opens allowing for fresh air to come in. Now I know with El Nino on everyone’s mind that might be a worry but this skylight comes with a moisture sensor that will automatically close the skylight in any rough weather. It also comes with a remote control.

Being solar powered there is no need for costly wiring or electricity and you will be eligible for a 30% tax credit.

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For more information on Velux Skylights give me a call 310-831-6310.

Jamie Clarke

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