David Clarke 3108316310One thing to consider when hiring a contractor is to watch how he communicates. When he comes to give you an estimate is he professional? Does he return your phone call or email in a timely manner? Does he respond to you in an acceptable amount of time? If he doesn’t do this when he meets you and goes through the beginning stages, do you think he’ll be the right contractor to do your job? Most likely he’ll be a poor communicator throughout the process and you should consider eliminating him as a potential contractor in the beginning rather than having to put up with the frustration. There are many contractors out there. Find one that you have a connection with and feel comfortable interacting with for long periods of time. Some jobs can last weeks, months or even years. It’s not worth it if you are miserable during your project. It should be a fun and enjoyable time for you. Find a person that you like and appreciate. The project will run smoother with the right amount of communication.

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