I’m Jamie. I head up Silva Construction’s In House Design Team.

This is the first of my Design Blogs. I hope to give you information you can use to help you design the home of your dreams from the comfort of your kitchen table.

First, grab home improvement magazines and start clipping design ideas that you like. Here are a few questions to think about while doing so. (Do this for each room you want to remodel.)

Architecture: Do like modern, coastal, traditional or craftsman?

Style: Do you like clean and slick minimalism? Over the top ornate? Somewhere in between?

Materials: What type of materials do you want to be surrounded by? Are you most comfortable in glass and chrome? Leather-covered furniture? Wood and tapestries?

Flooring: Do you like traditional hardwood floors, travertine tiles, warm carpets?

Color Pallet: Do you want warm colors that make you feel snug, or bright whites that light up the room?

Windows: Floor to ceiling windows? French doors? Skylights?

Window Treatments: Blinds, Shutters, Roman Shades?

We ask the right question to ensure we’re helping you make your home a better place to live.

Call me at 310 831-6310 if you have any questions.

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