Jamie 0604b343-0d72-454a-9e46-f14bb583c0bdWith El-Nino upon us you may want to think about your home’s exterior.
Living in Southern California the two most popular exterior choices are Stucco and siding.   Most people think stucco is the more durable exterior which isnt true but I will talk about Stucco another day.  There is a siding that is more durable so that’s what I want to  focus on.
There are a few different types of siding available.  Vinyl siding can crack in severe weather …and let’s just say it doesn’t look like real wood. There is real wood. It expands and contracts when the moisture changes in the air and requires constant up keep like painting.

Then there is my favorite choice in siding, James Hardie Board. It is rot resistant, non-combustible, weather resistant and most important in Southern California it is termite resistant. That is just naming a few of the many benefits.     It has a real wood look and it comes in many different colors that never need maintenance. James Hardie Board Siding also has numerous options for trim pieces so you can personalize your home.

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To find out more about this product give me a call 310-831-6310.

                                 Jamie Clarke



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