Fireplace Blog # 2….Raised Hearth or Not.
If you live in California there are a few code issues you need to know. If you have a wood burning or a Jamie 0604b343-0d72-454a-9e46-f14bb583c0bdgas fireplace without glass, you need to maintain 12inches around your fireplace that is made of noncombustible material (nonflammable). This can be things like stone, tile or even cement board finished like drywall. In front of your fireplace you have to have 18” of noncombustible material either raised or on the floor.
I think having a raised hearth really depends on the size of your room. If you have a raised hearth, it is going to be 18” wide and the length of your fireplace opening. Some people even like them wider. I think the benefit of a raise hearth is the ability to have a place to sit but you don’t want it to crowd the room or become a tripping hazard.

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If you have a smaller space you may want to put your noncombustible material directly on your floor. It can butt up to your hardwood, tile or carpet. This gives you the illusion of more space.

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If you do not have a fireplace and want to install one, a great option is a direct vent fireplace. You will need to do this on an exterior wall. If you choose a model with a fixed pane of glass, you get to choose whether you want a hearth or not as you don’t need any noncombustible material. A direct vent fireplace can literally float on your wall for a very modern look.

direct vent 1 HD81NT-2  direct vent 2 3580066-450px direct vent fp6

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