Mosaics are trending in tile.  Some people think that mosaic tile is something too old fashioned and others say, “no its too modern” when in fact mosaic today can fit all styles.

jamieMosaic tile actually dates back to the second half of the 3rd millennium BC. Originally a mosaic was made up of individual pieces of colored stone, shells & ivory. Glazed mosaic tile showed up in 1500 BC.

Mosaic tile in modern times consist of many different materials including stone, glass, shell & metal to name a few. You can use them in both modern & classic designs.

Today Instead of being sold in individual pieces, most mosaics are now mounted on 12” x 12” mesh, making them much easier to install. Choosing to do your project with Mosaic tiles can be a little more expensive than traditional tile but if you choose to do an accent it will lower the cost and give you the look. They are great in a kitchen backsplash, shower niches or even a shower floor.

master bath tile purples  silvaconstruction inc redondo bch  addition  silvaconstruction inc redondo bch  addition




One of my favorite places to buy mosaic tile in Southern California is Southwestern Tile in Lomita California as they have an entire room dedicated to just mosaics.

silvaconstruction inc Torrance bathroom remodel silvaconstruction inc redondo bch  kitchen remodel silvaconstruction inc redondo bch addition




Jamie Clarke

Ill be glad to answer any of your questions about mosaics.  Call me at Silva Construction Inc. 310 831-6310

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