General Contractor, expert advise, ProfessionalHEATING SYSTEMS. There are various types of heating systems:
Forced – Air Heating System, Baseboard Systems, Radiant Heating Systems, Supplemental Heating Systems and Solar Heating Systems which have various fuel sources: Natural Gas, LP Gas (Liquefied petroleum), Electric, Oil, Wood, Coal and Solar.

Since Solar Heating is becoming more popular, and the equipment more efficient it is something that should be looked into and better understood.


Solar heating & cooling systems are becoming much more in demand due to their affordability and the fact that energy costs are on the rise.

Solar heating & cooling technology consists of the collection of heat energy from the sun and use it to create hot water, heat up a space, or cool it, or heat a swimming pool. There are other residential, commercial & industrial uses as well. Solar systems reduce the need for gas, electric or other fuels.

Basic Solar Water Heating works something like this:
There are three (3) main elements to the system.
1. Collectors for collecting the solar radiation.
2. Insulated pips for the flow of water.
3. A hot water storage tank

The solar collectors collect the heat from solar radiation and transfer the heat to water. The heated water flows out of the collectors to a hot water storage tank where it is used as needed.

Dave Silva

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