This is a predecessor to my last blog. “Why would you want to know about the systems that make up your home?”

General Contractor, expert advise, ProfessionalYou can very easily become the adverse effect of those areas which you do not know or understand.

Example: Your knowledge or understanding about garbage disposals may be absolutely zero except how to flip the switch to get it running and flip the switch off to stop it. So one day you turn on your garbage disposal and it does not run, and you have it full of garbage. What do you do? You now have to seek out someone out who knows about garbage disposals such as a plumber and he agrees to come out for a fee, or you have to go searching for some source of data that will tell you what you can try to get it running again. All this may be frustrating and certainly not what you had planned to do at the time.

Well, if you knew more about your disposal you would know that there is a reset button on the bottom of the disposal which when pushed will often get the disposal running again. This would save you time and money.

As you know more about your home and its various systems the less worried you become when things go wrong or fail to work properly. You don’t have to be a builder to have some basic understanding of these systems. There’s some benefit from knowing and understanding your home and it’s systems.
Dave Silva


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