Decide what is important to you and your staff: individual office space, staff kitchen, conference room?

Commercial remodel silva construction Inc - more office space, better place to work  Commercial remodel silva construction Inc - staff kitchen, remodel office kitchen  Commercial remodel silva construction Inc conference room, more office space

Don’t let the remodel distract you from your work.

Commercial remodel Marked for remodel, entrance   Commercial remodel - marked for remodel, staff kitchen   Commercial remodel - Looking into the staff kitchen

 Commercial remodel Zip door, property protectionWe put up zip panels to keep dust and debris contained in the remodel area.

If you need to get in just unzip and step through, be sure you zip it back up to keep the dust contained.


By the end of the day final checks are done for accurateness and customer satisfaction.

Commercial remodel Inspections and clean up   Commercial remodel - protecting work  Commercial remodel - Boss on the job

We will give you a fully detailed estimate at no charge for tenant improvements, Office renovation, interior or exterior, expansion or just a refresh.  Call 310 831-6310 or fill out our contact page.



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