Who would you want working on your home: a guy in a tool belt who says he can do it all, or a team of experienced craftsmen — each a master in his or her field?

From planning to final walk-through, each phase of your build or remodeling requires specialists to do the job right. As a general contractor, Silva Construction has spent years building a team that does just that:

  • Our master framers ensure your walls are 100% plumb
  • Our masons create brickwork that is impeccably straight
  • Our expert carpenters make cabinets that fit like a glove

From framing, plumbing and roofing to tile work, floors and cabinets, each aspect of your project is done by an expert in his or her field.

No jack-of-all-trades on our team. No unlicensed, uninsured amateurs who dabble in this, dabble in that.

At Silva Construction, our tradesmen are experienced, seasoned professionals. We manage every step of the project, and we always deliver what we promise.

You only get one chance to get it right the first time.

At Silva Construction, we do.

Contact us for a free estimate.

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