Buy New Home vs Remodeling/Adding onto Existing

You’ve run into a problem. The home you bought 10 years ago is now David Clarke 3108316310too small for you. It feels cramped and it is dated. You want something new and fresh. You’re thinking about buying a new home and selling this one.

Wait! Think long and hard about this before you make your decision.

Have you thought about adding onto and remodeling your existing home? Chances are it will be a whole lot cheaper than trying to buy a new home. When you remodel you get to pick everything you want. The cost to add onto an existing home is usually somewhere around half of what it would cost to get the same square feet buying in your same neighborhood. Another thing to consider is your property taxes will be higher if you buy new as opposed to remodeling your existing home. Unless the location you live is not conducive to what you need, the smart choice would be remodeling and adding more square feet to your existing home.    David Clarke

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