Are you planning to upgrade your hardwood, tile, carpet or laminate flooring? If so you should Jamie Clarke silvaconstruction.com lipconsider adding Radiant Floor Heating. There are two different systems to consider: hot water tubes or electric wires buried underneath your floors. Both systems are very affordable. Once you install your finished flooring you will never know it is there. The best benefit is the fact that your heating costs go down. Regular forced air heating just blows hot air at you and then the heat rises and dissipates. Radiant Floor Heating rises from the entire floor slowly. The coldest air stays at the ceiling and the heat stays where the people are.

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My favorite application is installing Radiant Floor Heating in the master bathroom.

This is one we did in Manhattan Beach, Ca

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You can have it on a timer so that when you go to take your morning shower the floors are warm! For more information on Radiant Floor Heating give me a call at 310-831-6310.

Jamie Clarke

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