Jamie Clarke silvaconstruction.com Fireplace Remodels Can be Quick and Affordable! Do you have a dated fireplace? Most people think updating a fireplace would be a daunting task. In reality it can be quick and easy.

Before I get to the fun stuff there are a few technical things you need to know. As of a few years ago the EPA in California banned wood burning fireplaces. If you currently have one, you are allowed to keep it, although many people are converting them to gas. A wood burning fireplace is a little more work but you get an authentic experience. A gas burning fireplace is no work and you turn it on with a flick of a switch. The gas inserts go from rustic logs to modern glass pebbles.silvaconstruction.com modern-fireplace-ideas

Updating the look of your fireplace is easy. If you have a rock fireplace and you want a more modern look with a TV above it we can simply add some 2”x4”’s to the outside of the rock. This will give us a place to run the wires for the TV. When that is done we cover the 2”x4” with drywall and paint it for a clean modern look.

Another way to update the look is to use stacked stone. Eldorado Stone is a great option for this application. You can also simply update the look with clean line smooth stone tiles.

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To have a hearth or not is a question for another blog. Look for it in the future!

Jamie Clarke 

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