Should I Go Up or Out?

Often, clients ask if it is better to add square feet to their house by adding another story or adding it David silvaconstruction.com 4on the same level. Most times this is a personal choice. Do you want stairs? Is this your “forever” home? Is cost a factor?

First we’ll take the stairs. This is a good form of exercise but I’ve heard it many times from older clients that they are tired of stairs. It doesn’t bother some of the population but it is something to think about especially if this is your forever home. If it is your forever home, you might want to consider a master bedroom upstairs and downstairs. That way when the kids move out and you have a large house you can choose to be up or down.

If you choose to add another story (in California) the cost can be 10 to 25% more to go up than out. The factors being that you have to tear off all the siding/stucco on the house, upgrade existing footings, shear existing walls, remodel existing rooms etc. This is definitely something to talk to your contractor about if you are considering adding square footage to your house.

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