Jamie 0604b343-0d72-454a-9e46-f14bb583c0bdLet’s start with solid hardwood. Solid Hardwood is usually ¾” thick. You can sand and refinish it several times and change the color of the hardwood. There are many types of wood to choose from. I love some of the more exotic species, like Hawaiian Koa Wood and Desert Ironwood but the standards are great too (white oak, maple and hickory). You just need to make sure your house is right for solid hardwood because there is a lot of expanding and contracting. This means the floor can move a lot depending on your environment. You can also have cupping and squeaking especially in an upstairs application. If you live in a climate with lots of different weather Solid Hardwood might not be the flooring for you.
Now  let’s talk about Engineered Hardwood Flooring. I think engineered hardwood get’s a bad rap. Most people think it’s fake wood…it’s not. Engineered hardwood is many layers of real hardwood going in different directions. This makes it completely stable. This means no expansion or contraction, cupping or squeaking. The top layer is 1/4” of solid wood. You can also refinish and change the color of the wood at least once. You can get all of the same species as solid hardwood and the believe it or not the cost is about the same for both.  So which is right for you?

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For information on either solid or engineered hardwood flooring give me a call 310-831-6310.

                                                                                                   Jamie Clarke

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