design silvavonstruction.comWhat was Trending at the Las Vegas Electronic Show in 2016…The Samsung Hub Refrigerator!
This is the most amazing refrigerator I have ever seen! It has 4 doors and built in Wi-Fi. The huge touch screen is unbelievable. You can keep your entire family organized with the calendar feature, manage food, receipts and wait for it, weather! You can walk past your refrigerator in the morning, on the way to the coffee pot and get your weather forecast. This last statement will make my husband laugh because he knows I love my weather!
It also has a built in interior camera so that you can look in to your refrigerator from your phone to make a shopping list or order groceries.
The Samsung Hub is available in the Spring of 2016

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and there is more….
There have always been the essentials, you need, a range/cook-top, oven, refrigerator, vent hood and most people need a microwave. Now let’s add something in to the mix. Do you need a wine fridge? How about an ice maker? The last two are the most trending kitchen appliances.
Now how would these two appliances affect your life? You can easily put both a small wine fridge and an ice maker in a 24” base cabinet. The benefits are wine at the perfect temperature weather it is white or red and an unlimited amount of ice. You can also install either of these appliances in a bar area or outdoor kitchen.

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What do you think about these ? Any question just give me a call 310-831-6310.

Jamie Clarke

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