What’s Trending in Bathroom Design…Free Standing Bathtubs!

jamie  If you have the space. …One of the most elegant things you can add to a master bathroom is a Free Standing Bathtub. I will talk about “Stand Alone Showers” which make an impact on another blog.
Hydro Systems is one of my favorite places to buy a beautiful bathtub. They have been a family owned company since 1978. If you know me, you know I love a family owned company.
One of my favorite tubs by Hydro Systems is the Picasso. The Picasso has beautifully gentle sloping lines that are very modern. The Picasso comes in 3 sizes and is made of acrylic.

Tub Pict 7  egg-tub-awesome-decoration-on-home-gallery-design-ideas  Tub blog pict 3

One of the things that I like most about Hydro Systems is that no matter what tub you choose…you have the option to customize it. There are many options so I will just mention a few…back masseuse, chroma-therapy, built in grab bars, hydro blankets and hydro fragrance.
For more information on having a free standing bathtub give me a call 310-831-6310.     Jamie Clarke

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