Update Your Home’s Exterior With Acrylic Stucco.
Jamie Clarke silvaconstruction.com lipIn the past I have talked about updating your home’s exterior with new siding. Another great option is stucco. My favorite type of stucco is acrylic.
The leader in acrylic stucco is Omega. They have many products, textures and colors to choose from. They will also custom create a color for you.
The benefits of acrylic stucco are many. It’s crack resistant and also resists dirt accumulation. This makes it easy to clean and keeps it looking great. The most important benefit with El Nino upon us is that it naturally breathes. This allows drying time and helps to prevent staining and mold. #Don’t let water ruin your home!

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For more information on acrylic stucco please give me a call 310-831-6310.      Jamie Clarke

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