jamieIn past years a focal wall just meant a change in paint color. Not in 2016!
There are so many ways to have an accent wall. Let’s start out with my favorite, wood cladding. If you know me you know I love recycled wood, barn wood especially. It has character and you are recycling as well. Wood cladding doesn’t have to be rustic it can also be very modern as well. One thing you can also do with wood cladding is hide electrical wiring like television cables and lighting.

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Graphic wallpaper is another great alternative. There are so many amazing patterns to choose from. Now I am not talking about your Grandmothers wallpaper, no tiny little flowers that match the drapes. I am talking big, bold beautiful patterns in amazing accent colors. Wallpaper like this can even work in a small space. Just make sure if you want to install wallpaper choose a professional, proper installation can be tricky.

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Lastly, we have brick veneer. I know this can sound very old fashioned but it isn’t. It can actually be very modern…think of the loft look from NYC. It gives you style and texture at the same time. Whether it is painted or natural it can be beautiful.

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For more information on having an amazing focal wall in your home, give me a call at 310-831-6310.      Jamie Clarke

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