Hardware for a barn door silvaconstructionBelieve it or not barn doors are trending now.

A barn door is an interesting way to change the look of your space. Unlike a traditional door it does not sit within the frame of your door. A pocket door is similar but it slides in to your wall. A barn door slides on the outside of your wall. They usually slide on exposed hardware.

The hardware comes in every style from contemporary to rustic. The hardware works with any kind of solid door, so again you can customize your style. You can make the door the focal point of the room. For any of you out there that watch the Rachel Ray talk show, she has a barn door for her pantry.

classic_black_barn_door_sliding_hardware_2_silvaconstruction   barn door silvaconstruction.com 1  barndoor hardware_5_silvaconstruction




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Jamie Clarke for Silva Construction Inc.



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