Its Reverse Osmosis Home Water Filters.  Believe it or not its not just for the budget minded but also about the purity of the water.

So many people today spend tons of money on bottled water. I won’t even quote the facts I have seen on the millions design silvavonstruction.comof dollars spent yearly on water and the effects that the bottles cause on the environment. There is also the question of how pure is your bottled water?

With this said have you ever considered installing a reverse osmosis water system in your home?

Most systems fit under your sink and require simple installation. The average tank size is 2.5 gallons so you have plenty of clean water on demand. Let me clarify clean water; a reverse osmosis water system removes 99 percent of all contaminates from tap water. The water will cost you less than 20 cents a gallon and you can also add options like high alkaline for health benefits.

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For more information on reverse osmosis water filters give me a call 310-831-6310          Jamie Clarke

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