Choosing the Right Kitchen Sink
Designing a kitchen begins and ends with the kitchen sink. It will be the most used item during the lifetime of your kitchen. That is why it is important to consider certain items when starting to choose a new sink.
Considering these important components will make sure that you choose the right sink for your needs and the needs of your kitchen.

Sink Materials
Sinks are available in stainless steel, hammered copper, hammered pewter, granite, porcelain and fireclay. Your choice will depend on the look you want. Stainless steel is by far the most popular choice in appliances and sinks for a number of reasons, including the ability to remain new looking much longer than other materials.

Installation Styles
Undermount sinks are best for stone or solid surface countertops. They are mounted from the underside of the counter, leaving a zero-barrier counter surface to sweep scraps and crumbs into the sink.

Topmount sinks are best if your countertop is a laminate with a pressed-wood core. They’re also good with solid surface countertops. With topmounts, the sink’s bowl drops into a hole in the countertop and rests on the perimeter.

Number of Bowls
How will you be using your sink? A serious home-chef may want several deep, large bowls to accommodate stockpots and roasting pans. If you’ll be using your sink primarily for rinsing dishes, a single bowl of moderate depth will suffice. When in doubt, a large, deep single bowl is the best choice.
Depth of Bowls Deeper bowls in the 9” range will accommodate large pots and allow you to thaw larger food items. Deeper bowls also mean less splashing. Shallow bowls down to 5” are ideal for food preparation and will also accommodate a garbage disposer.

If you have any question please email Jamie@silvaconstruction.com or call the office 310 831-6310 Ill be glad to help.

Jamie Clarke
Designer for Silva Construction Inc

Note: While working with a client this week I came across a wonderful new product. It is a completely seamless stainless steel kitchen sink. The best part about it is the drain. There is no garbage disposal flange. That makes it so easy to clean…don’t worry you still can have a garbage disposal. In fact they even have a great video on how to install it. The brand name is UltraClean Sinks by Create Good.

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