Wish List…Updating Your Laundry Room.
There are many ways to update your laundry room. One place to start would be your Jamie Clarke silvaconstruction.com lipwasher and dryer. Front loaders are a big thing. If you are going to have your front loading washer and dryer side by side you need to allot a 60” width to give you some “wiggle room” since most washers and dryers are 27” wide. Make sure to check your appliance specs. Depending on the height of the washer and dryer, you may want to consider purchasing the pedestal that is used for storage. They are commonly 15” high which is great to use for your soap and fabric softener. If you want to stack your washer and dryer to save space, make sure your appliances are designed for this.

One thing that I like to add is a folding area. This can be as simple as adding a countertop above your washer and dryer. There are 2 options for this application: having upper cabinets or a hanging bar for drying delicates. This really depends on the kind of laundry you do. If you have the room I would add a laundry sink for soaking, even a small sink is helpful.

silvaconstrction.com laundry room  silvaconstruction.com  laundryroom silvaconstruction.com

Lastly is your laundry room doors. There are a lot of options, bi-fold doors, sliding doors or even a barn door. Just make sure you make the door or doors wide enough so you can have full access to both the washer and dryer. If you have a small space I would recommend louvered doors for ventilation.

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If you’d like to design your laundry room, feel free to call me at 310-831-6310.

                                                                                                                                      Jamie Clarke

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