jamieWhat’s trending now…wood grain porcelain tile.

Do you love the look of wood flooring, but prefer the durability of tile? Kitchens, bathrooms, entryways & mudrooms scream for wood grain porcelain tiles! You have the durability & ease of cleaning porcelain tile but the beautiful look of hardwood flooring. In the last year or so the popularity of this type of flooring has skyrocketed and so has the quality & look. Due to digital imaging, the look of wood grain porcelain is very authentic and there are varying lengths & widths. The only concern I have heard from homeowners is that they think the floors will be cold…well that is easily remedied with radiant heating installed under the porcelain flooring. It is very affordable. There are many different kinds of radiant heat options. They are all very energy efficient & easy to control. You can go from having a simple on-off switch to having a timer installed or go big & go digital! In the end you will be very happy with your choice of Wood Grain Porcelain Tile. Give me a call and I can help you with your product selection.

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Jamie Clarke

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