General Contractor, expert advise, ProfessionalWe are doing a 3rd story addition on a project in Manhattan Beach and this house needed foundation work. The existing foundation did not have steel in it and needs to be replaced as a strong foundation is needed to support this addition..

(Note: Concrete needs steel reinforcement to give it strength.)

I thought you would be interested in seeing what was being done to handle this problem as this condition exists in some of the older homes in the area.

existing foundation 4 20160613_19 r silvaconstruction.comHere we have cut out a section of the existing foundation and you can see there is no steel in the concrete.

5 20160613_17 r silvaconstruction.comHere the foundation is being removed in 4 foot sections. A section has been cut out, formed with steel in place, ready to pour concrete.

These photos show the concrete has been poured and the sections framed.

8 20160630_9 r silvaconstruction.com  7 20160630_8 r silvaconstruction.com  cut out 4 ' sections6 20160630_6 r silvaconstruction.com

Of course before we started demo and the foundation work for the addition, fence went up, curb allocation for the truck, more support and clean up at the end of the day.

2 20160613_23 r silvaconstruction.com 10 20160630_10 r silvaconstruction.com 3 20160613_20 silvaconstruction.com

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