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building contractor with experienceCustomer: I am about to do a major remodel of my home including my kitchen. It was suggested to me to up grade my electrical service from my 100 amp to a 200 amp panel. Is this a good idea?

Answer: I’d say yes, if your current service panel is full with little or no room for additional breakers.
Also consider that modern houses are generally built with 200 amp panels, due to the fact more and more electronic devices and fancy and high-demand kitchen devices and increased lighting are now used in homes.
A 200 amp service panel will have many more breaker slots, allowing for a lot more circuits, and allowing for more room for expansion in the future, especially for power-hungry things like shop tools.
Having the larger service panel, 200 amp capacity, can be a selling point (or rather, lack of a negative point) to a potential buyer with lots of electronics or who is into shop power tools. It would also make it easier to convert to electric heat / water heating etc. It will give you more freedom to add amenities to your home in the future.
I’d say that if you are in doubt about upgrading then go with the 200. It’s the practical minimum these days, and will future proof you, and it may subtly enhance the value of your home.

Hope this helps.

Dave Silva GC

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