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My answer is always, “helping people.”

In Design there are so many things to consider: budget, taste, availability of products and most importantly what the client’s vision is for the project. I want to make sure the design is all about the customer. I want to bring the customer’s vision to life. If I can make it more than what they expected…well that’s even better.

This is a story from when I first started at Silva Construction in 2002.
We had a customer who wanted her kitchen remodeled around two things, Corian countertops that looked like melted vanilla ice cream with multi colored sprinkles and terracotta tile floors. Terracotta is handmade clay tiles that vary in shades of orange.  These two elements aren’t normally put together given their color and style.

When I brought samples of these 2 things back to the office our Job Supervisor at the time said my task looked impossible.

I spent a lot of time with the client getting to know her tastes. In the end the kitchen looked great. I even managed to find the client carpet that looked great with both the countertops and tile, not an easy task.

About a week later our Job Supervisor pulled me aside and gave me one of the best compliments.   He said, “I have never seen a customer so happy.” He then thanked me for my talent in helping the customer pull it all together.  He couldn’t believe how cohesive it all turned out.

Sometime a job is easy, sometimes it’s hard.
The most important thing to me is if the customer is happy and that I took some stress off their plate.

That is how I feel about my job. I wish I had pictures of this job, but it was long before we had cell phone cameras!

If you need any help with your design please give me a call.  310 831-6310

Jamie Clarke

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