Need New Windows? Retro-fit (replacement windows) Might be Right for You.
Unlike new construction windows where you have to either break stucco or siding and then patch it, replacement windows fit into your existing window openings. In an average size house you can replace all of your windows in just a day or two. One thing to remember is that it takes a few weeks to order the windows.
One of the biggest benefits of having new windows is that the energy efficiency code require dual pane. This makes them energy efficient and great for noise reduction. There are many other options to choose from like low-E glass which is a great option for temperature control.
Replacement windows come in many different colors so you can use them to update the look of your home.

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Next:  Trending and helps save energy….Nest Thermostats

Nest thermostats are one of the smartest thermostats on the market. It learns from you and tracks how you manually control the temperature in your house. After a few days your nest will automatically start making the changes for you. It also learns from your furnace and air conditioner and makes them more efficient. It also can connect with your homes Wi-Fi. Once you download the app on your smart phone or tablet you can control your thermostat from anywhere. Nest will send you notices if the temperature in your house fluctuates. It will also send you a notice if there is any problem with your heating or cooling or if you need to change a filter.
One thing about Nest that I really like is that it senses when you are in the room. It lights up and shows you the time and temperature.
Nest has many more products available look for them in my upcoming Blogs. Make sure you check with your local utility company because there are also rebates available.

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