Do You Hate Your Toilet???

I know this is something we don’t normally talk about but while designing bathrooms for my clients I hear it all the time.

Years ago low-flow toilets came out & were required to be installed while remodeling. There was a point in time when they were even given away. Everyone hated them! The one thing I heard most was how can I be saving water if I have to flush twice?

The plumbing industry has come a long way since then. Toilets have gotten better. In my experience one the best toilets on the market is the American Standard Champion 4. It is what they call a high performance toilet.

toilet pict 1It has the widest trap way at 2 3/8” and a 4″ flush valve, so that it can eliminate clogs. Champion 4’s claim to fame is flushing a bucket of 24 golf balls at one time.

Golf ball pict 1

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Jamie Clarke

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