I’ve been in this business for 40 years now.

I love doing remodeling and additions but I also like helping the people of this community…..even on “Do it Yourself” projects.

Are you going to try and do the project by yourself? Don’t hesitate to call me if you get in a jam or would like some guidance on a step.

Here is a fun DYI project:  Penny or nickel flooring

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You can see all kinds of YouTube videos on each step.  Here are the basics.

Step 1: Collect Pennies, Nickels or other coin

Step 2: Glue them to the floor. You can also glue them to a 12X12 mesh and then to the floor.

Step3: Grout

Step 4: Seal            Wait until it Dries or Cures… and ENJOY!

 You can find out more at www.silvaconstruction.com or just call us at 310-831-6310

Best regards,

Dave Silva


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