Things that can exist in your home that prevent this from happening:

General Contractor, expert advise, ProfessionalRadon, a colorless, odorless gas.

Formaldehyde, a strong smelling, colorless gas embodied in many common building materials.

Combustion gasses, gasses coming from operating kerosene heaters, wood stoves and unvented gas appliances.

Particulates, from smoking, unvented gas appliances, asbestos-bearing construction materials and dust.

Gasses from Household Chemicals, organic compounds found in cleaning materials, pesticides, aerosol sprays, paints and solvents.

Moisture, or water vapor, while not noxious gas, can jeopardize the health of occupants, as well as the structure

Things you can do or refrain from doing that help maintain healthy air in your home:

Don’t intentionally add moisture by letting a kettle boiling on a wood stove.

Don’t store green firewood in the heated part of the house.

Duct clothes dryers to the outside, never in the attic or basement

Use a ducted exhaust fan when cooking.

Use a ducted exhaust fan when bathing or showering.

Cross ventilation using open doors or windows or both.

The use of whole house fans.

Ceiling fans combined with windows cracked open.

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