When I was looking for bids, other companies listened to what I wanted, and then gave me a verbal quote, or a written one with little detail. Silva listened, went back, and a few days later returned a detailed, itemized quote that I could understand. I really liked that. I studied it, made adjustments, and one more meeting produced an agreement we could both live with. Their detailed contract itemized what they would do, what I would do, and what I would buy for them to install. They also produced a list of task milestones and corresponding progress payment amounts. All this was very much within the spirit and the letter of state law. With everything spelled out ahead of time, my job went smoothly with no disagreements. They never pressured me for payments they had not earned. Throughout the job, Silva displayed the highest degree of competence, integrity, and best practices. Each employee did his tasks well, was friendly and received my input well. One of the owners dropped by most days to keep up on the work, and give direction for any problems that may have arisen. We love our new bathroom, and at the end I wrote them a special thank you letter for their good service. I would be very happy to work with Silva again, on a future project.William Rendahl

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