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There are many parts to HVAC Systems.  This is information you may already know but it needs to be said as it’s the most basic.

What You Can Do  Non-Mechanical

I read some place that people feel comfortable when the air temperature ranges between 70 degrees and 80 degrees and the humidity ranges between 20% and 70%.

Some non mechanical methods of cooling the home would help keep it in a livable range.

Blocking sunshine by strategically planting trees, however planting trees in the right location  my be difficult or not possible at all.

Roof over hangs, exterior shutters, and shades. (Note: interior shades and blinds are less effective as the heat has already entered the house through the window.) Window films and Low-E (Low Emissity) also work.

Natural Ventilation

Good ventilation promotes cooling. When a breeze moves over your skin it evaporates perspiration and removes latent heat, making you feel cooler.

Cross ventilation where windows are located on opposite wall are opened.

Casement windows that direct passing breezes into the room.

The next step up from non-mechanical would be fans, they move the air like cross ventilation.

Fans cool a room and distribute the heat more evenly.

A whole house fan cools the house by moving the air and keeping the heat in the attic from building up.

Dave Silva, GC

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