What if you only had to put up Christmas lights once & never had to take them down again?

Jamie 0604b343-0d72-454a-9e46-f14bb583c0bdOk…so those of you who know me, knows this goes against my grain. I normally don’t even like to talk about Christmas before Thanksgiving. This is one exception because you may need a little time to get this done.
Many people out there like to decorate their home with lights for the holidays. This can be a lot of work & sometimes it can even be dangerous. No one likes to stand on a ladder for hours. Then after the holidays all the lights have to come down. Unless you are that one neighbor that leaves them up all year. You know who you are.
There is a solution to this problem. It’s called a Light Locker. It was designed in Canada. When your lights are not in use they are hidden behind a protective cover. When the holidays are in full swing you just move the cover out of the way letting all of your lights shine.

xmas lights pict 2  xmas lights pict 5  xmas lights pict 4

You might want a professional to install your Light Locker.  I would also recommend having a licensed contractor install outdoor electrical outlets on the eves of your home so you don’t need extension cords. For help with your Light Locker give me a call at 310-831-6310.

Jamie Clarke

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