Whats new in luxury bath tubs?
jamieI received some great comments on a blog I wrote last week about designer toilets, so I thought I would follow it up with some information on Luxury Bath Tubs.
Nothing screams luxury more than an amazing bath tub. Tired of just sitting in warm water? Let’s check out these awesome tubs.La Scala Tub
Picture #1 is the La Scala Tub. This tub treats you to the ultimate home theater experience. You have a side by side bathing experience, a floating remote, DVD system and a 43” flat screen. Plus tons of jets! Let’s just say this bad boy will set you back about the same amount as a nice new car.

Pictures #2 is one of the most beautiful tubs I have ever seen. The Vov is an Italian tub by Mastella. Its egg shape is highlighted by either a pure white color or you can choose from a beautiful pastel pallet. In this picture are cascading chains that hang down from a bracket mounted on the ceiling giving the tub a touch of elegance.

Vov Bathtub  mastella-bathtub-vov-colors  egg-tub-awesome-decoration-on-home-gallery-design-ideas

Pictures #3 is the Energy Balance Cocoon. This is a mini spa all in itself. It is a compact whirlpool, sauna and steam room. It also has both aroma and light therapy. Energy Balance Cacoon  Energy Balance CacoonWow what an experience a few minutes or hours in this tub would be!

There are so many unusual and unique tubs on the market now.  Ill be happy to help you choose what is right for you.


Jamie Clarke


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