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jamieI have blogged in the past about toilets that are very functional. Now I want to talk about unique & designer toilets. You may not think a toilet can change the look of your bathroom but it really can.
First case in point is Kohler’s Numi toilet. The Numi is very sleek, streamlined & modern. Its flat surfaces are easy to wipe down and the stainless steel bidet wand is self-cleaning. I could go on and on about Numi’s numerous features like Bluetooth technology. Instead I will focus on just a few…it is motion activated, comfort height, remote controlled and the best feature in my mind is the heated seat and foot warmer. The Numi is not cheap. I have seen prices starting at $6000.00. You will also have to have an electrical outlet installed to operate it.

Numi  Nimi control  Numi open

Another thing I love is wall hung toilets. If you are not familiar with wall hung toilets all you need to know is that the tank and all of the plumbing is hidden in the wall. The toilet bowl basically floats above the floor. This I love for many reasons one of which is the fact that you can completely clean under it. My favorite wall hung toilet has to be the Duravit #222009. It has an amazing finish for easy cleaning, stainless steel hinges and even noise reduction. To install this toilet you will have to have the plumbing lines, drain lines and the tank cover built in to the wall.

wall hung toilet 4  wall hug toilet 2  wall hung toilet 3

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Jamie Clarke

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