jamie, design, kitchen, remodel, bath, homeYou may think it is too early in the year to start your Outdoor Kitchen. That’s not true. Planning your Outdoor kitchen can take some time. By starting now you will be ready for that first summer barbecue.

There are many things to think about before putting your drawings together. Built in grills, side burners, rotisseries, doors and drawers, ice machines, wine coolers, sinks and faucets to name a few. Wow, there are so many options. You need to know what works for your family. You might need a smoker or outdoor fire pit. I think two of the most important things to think about are prep space and seating. You can never get enough of either.

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kitchen design outdoors  kitchen design outdoors  kitchen design outdoors

You also need to decide if you want to have a raised deck or patio for your Outdoor Kitchen.

For more help planning give me a call 310-831-6310.   Jamie Clarke

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