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Designers and manufacturers have been dreaming of the “Home of the Future” for years. In the past they envisioned appliances that functioned automatically, and now large appliance and electrical control industries are moving in the direction of integrating home automation into a system that would monitor and operate lighting, heating, cooling, ventilation, appliances, entertainment and security. They call it the “Smart House”.
Current advances have resulted in the ability of the homeowner to program, control or monitor the home by a computer or even by telephone. Currently there are about 5 million homes that have some type of home automation system functioning in them and the market is continuing to grow as a result of increased digital technologies available to consumers today.

There are three types of home automation controls:
1 – Centrally Controlled Communication Systems

2 – Distributed-Control Systems

3 – Individual Control Devices

I will compile more information for you next week on each one of these systems.  This will help you understand your current system or give you enough information so you can choose the right one for your home.

Dave Silva/GC


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